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Mission Statement:Military Police Corps officers lead units in performing the five major functions associated with the branch -- area security; maneuver and mobility support; police intelligence operations; internment and resettlement; and law and order.

Crimes can happen anywhere and the Army is no exception. Fortunately, the Army has their own law enforcement and security specialists to handle crimes committed on Army property or that involve Army personnel. Military Police protect lives and property on Army bases by enforcing military laws and regulations, as well as controlling traffic, preventing crime and responding to emergencies.
Military Police are primarily responsible for providing support to the battlefield by conducting area security, police intelligence operations, internment and resettlement, maneuver and mobility support, and law and order operations. Some of your duties as a member of the Military Police team may include:
  • Patrolling areas on foot, by car or by boat.
  • Interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects in the course of investigating crimes.
  • Collecting fingerprints and other evidence.
  • Arresting and charging criminal suspects.
  • Training and working with police dogs.
  • Testifying in court.
  • Guarding entrances and conducting traffic control.

    Job Training
    Job training for Military Police consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and eight to 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction, including practice in police methods. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you'll learn are:
  • Military and civil laws and jurisdiction.
  • Crime and accident investigation procedures.
  • Evidence collection procedures, including fingerprinting and suspect questioning.
  • Use of firearms.
  • Traffic and crowd control procedures.
  • Arrest and restraint of suspect.

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    Helpful Links Below!
    Here are some good helpful links I have found on the net.Here is the VA Homepage. Here is a good source to buy some Military Police Gear. Try and find a active duty soldier here Military Connections. Here is a good source to get info about your next base assignment Army Military Bases. Find a Former Military Buddy Here. Check out this source Military/Veterans Websites. or click here for some info at Military Data Resources. Find daily military news here Military Headlines. Go to the MP Association and add your name to the registar. Or order a variety of MP Logo Merchandise here.

    Misc. pictures and my MP unit barracks & the confinement facility I worked in as a Correctional Specialist when I was assigned to the 14th & 296th MP Company's.The 14th MP Company was assigned to the same barracks as the 296th MP Company when I was there.

    Click On Picture above For Bigger picture!

    Hi my name is Billy Mark Lockwood,I started my military career in May of 74.I joined up for the army at the induction center in Fresno, California. After basic (HHC 3D Bn 3D Bde-Fort Ord,California),Arial Veiw of Fort Ord& AIT(Company B 11Bn MP Bde Usamps Fort Gordon,Georgia). I was assigned to the 14th MPco at Ft.Lewis,Wa. I worked as a 95B a Military Policeman (Now a MP 31B) and 95C a Correctional Specialist(Now called a Internment/Resettlement Specialist 31E),I was assigned to the 14th for about a year.The 14th was responsible for operating the confinement facility(stockade)where I served as a correctional specialist.I was then transfered to the 296th which was a line duty(White Hat)unit where I served about 16 months.I spent the majority of my time in the 296th at the 296th MP detachment at Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver,Wa. I also worked a few months at the MP station at Madigan Hospital. I was then transfered back to the 14th to finish out my time.I now live in the beautiful town of Ardmore,Oklahoma.

    I took my basic training at Fort Ord in May of 1974.This fort was deactivated back in 1994.

    These are the fellow Military Policeman I had the pleasure to serve with in the 296th MP Detachment at Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver, Washington:
  • SP/4 Kevin Poor
  • PFC Tony Ampania(T),My roommate & friend.
  • PFC Danny Durocher

    Click On Picture above For Bigger picture!
  • I took my basic training at Fort Ord in May of 1974.This fort was deactivated back in 1994.

    BCT in 74 at Fort Ord

    Click On Picture above For Bigger picture!

    "T" here is a picture of your truck & Andy's & my car taken back in 1976 at the house we shared with Kevin & Danny.

    Cars in 76 in Vancouver.

    Click On Picture above For Bigger picture!

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