Billy Mark Lockwood

  • Address:1100 Hurst Road
    Ardmore,Ok 73401

  • Phone Number‘s:Home:580-223-3549

    E-Mail Addresss:

  • Objective

  • To be one of your best employee‘s.

  • Security Experience:

  • I was a Military Policeman in the US Army & part of my job was to protect & preserve the property of the military installation I was assigned to.I also have been a hourly security guard when I was separated from the military so even though it has been some time since I have worked in the security field,I have about 5years experience working in the security field.

  • Webpage Building Experience:

  • I have designed & built one Professional & several Personal Webpages,here are just a few.Click on the link for a look at the pages..

    Beatles Studio54

    Military Police One

    Lockwood Connections

    Lockwoods Dallas Cowboyz

    Lockwoods OU Sooners


    Fort Ord

    HTML Paste Codes

    Legal Services

  • 5 years or more Work History

  • Dates Employed:Dec/1995-Mar/2009,13 years 4 months.
    Company:Circuit City Stores Inc.,Ardmore Distribution
    City,State:Ardmore,Ok 73401

    Job Title: Warehouse II Associate
    Details of position:

    I verified correct merchandise was shipped or in the correct assigned location & I did a lot of cycle counts as an Inventory Control Auditor.As a Receiving associate I received merc- handise in correctly & put it away in assigned locations using material handling equipment such as a battery operated lift truck with forks or clamp or a battery operated pallet jack.As a Replinisher I restocked pick locations for shipping using a narrow isle reach truck.

  • Education

  • *********************************

  • Military

  • US Army May 1974-May 1977,Honorably Discharged from the armed services of the United States.I served as Correct- ional Specialist & a Military Policeman in the law enforcement field.I left the armed service as a E-4 which was a non-commissioned officer rank.

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